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Our goal

Our goal here at Ovasabi is to become the best and credible news source in the nation. We believe that all Nigerians are entitled to be informed about what’s happening around them which is why we don’t require any subscription fee for our website. 

All of the different news that you see here are free to read anywhere and anytime as long as you’re connected to the internet. We’re able to achieve our mission by writing and delivering information accurately. Moreover, we keep tabs on everything happening to ensure that we’ll be the first to write about them and post them here on our website for free. 

Core values

Our dedication to delivering the latest and most accurate news to Nigerians is fuelled by the core values that each of our writers has. Without these people, we wouldn’t be able to achieve our goal. Here are the core values that we live by here at Obacabi:


The loyalty of each of our writers to the masses is nothing short of amazing. They’re committed to serving the people day in and night out by providing them with the truth that they deserve.


One of the traits that make our writers different from others is their persistence towards learning and writing about the truth. No roadblock, obstacle or any other difficult situation can stop them from finding the answers in a story that they’re writing about.


Our writers make mistakes from time to time because they’re only human but what we salute them for is their accountability. For every mistake that they make, they’re more than willing to take responsibility for them to not only save the company but to show transparency to our loyal readers.

Attention to detail

Another important core value that each of us lives by here at Ovasabi is attention to detail. Because of the scale of our responsibility, we need to ensure that each news that we post on our website is accurate. This is to give the people the whole truth as well as avoid making grave mistakes that can destroy someone’s life.


For our writers to grow inside the workplace, each of them should have an open mind that can accept constructive criticisms from other people. Whether it be co-workers or the readers themselves, we value each feedback as we believe that they’re vital to helping us become the best news source in the country.

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