Ovasabi: Biggest movies coming in 2022

As more cinemas around the world begin to open once more this year, tons of big-budget movie studios have started releasing films in theatres again! 

It’s been around 2 years since people were not permitted to watch movies in cinemas because of the pandemic but now, things are looking a bit brighter. Thankfully, the re-opening of cinemas won’t be wasted as there are hundreds of movies that you need to look forward to. 

In this feature, we’re going to list down some of the most awaited movies this year to ensure you won’t miss out on them when they release on streaming platforms and cinemas. Whether it be horror, comedy, romance, action and more, these movies will surely provide you with a good time. If you want to know more, here’s every movie that you need to have on your radar for 2022:

Scream – January 14

After more than 10 years, Wes Craven’s iconic meta-horror franchise, Scream, makes its return to the silver screen once more! With this latest instalment, all of the original characters make a return, namely Neve Campbell as Sydney, David Arquette as Officer Dewey, and Courtney Cox as Gail Weathers.

This also marks the first movie that was made after Craven’s passing. The directorial position was instead helmed by the directing duo who made 2019’s surprise hit Ready or Not, Radio Silence.

Although not a lot is revealed in the trailer, longtime fans of Scream are still excited for the return of Ghostface and the familiar cast of characters that they grew up with. Plus, you can expect to see the same gore, thrill and sheer horror that the franchise is known for considering that the directors have already proven themselves with their past movies.

Also, the exciting whodunit plot of all the Scream movies never gets old as it keeps you guessing who the killer is throughout the film. This, partnered with the expert horror elements in the movie will keep you at the edge of your seat!

Jackass Forever – February 4

Whether you grew up in the early 2000s or not, you’ve surely heard of the Jackass crew. This group composed of Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius and more is set to return to the big screen after years away from the limelight.

This time, the gang is much older but the stunts that they pull off have elevated to the next level. Jackass Forever promises to contain some of the best feats that the crew have done but with a fresher take from the ones that they did in earlier instalments.

A snippet was revealed during an interview at The Late Late Show with James Corden and it showed Johnny Knoxville getting knocked out by a raging bull. This is quite impressive considering that Knoxville is now 50 years old.

Because of their age, Jackass Forever will serve as the cast’s last hurrah. Moreover, the movie will also contain tons of special guests such as Tyler the Creator, Machine Gun Kelly and current UFC Heavyweight Champion, Francis Ngannou.

Uncharted – February 18

Video-game based movies have always been hit-or-miss. However, one film showing a lot of promise based on early reveals and trailers is Uncharted. The movie is based on the action-packed video game franchise made by Naughty Dog and it stars Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Sully.

At first, people weren’t sold on the idea of casting a young Tom Holland for Nathan Drake. However, once the first trailer was released, the doubts were starting to disappear as the movie looked great and accurate to the source material. While fans won’t be getting the adult version of Nathan Drake, they do have a great actor taking the helm of his younger version which is still a win.

The movie seems to be sticking closely to the source materials as some clips from the trailer seems to be a perfect one to one representation of scenes from the video game. Also, based on the trailers, the chemistry between Holland and Wahlberg seems to give off the same effect as their video game counterparts which is something to look forward to.

The Batman – March 4

One of the most anticipated superhero movies this year is Matt Reeve’s take on the caped crusader, Batman. On March 4, people will finally see Robert Pattinson as Batman in this gritty looking adaptation of the source material. 

We’ve already seen Reeve’s work with the critically acclaimed Planet of the Apes series and for many fans, he seems to be the right person for the job.

Although we haven’t seen much of the movie yet, the released trailers already gave us an idea of what we can expect from this dark movie. Aside from Pattinson, Colin Farrel’s take as the classic villain Penguin is also something to look forward to. Based on the trailers and images, Farrel seems to have gone full method for this role as he’s completely unrecognisable for the character he’s playing .

In The Batman, fans will be treated to a younger version of Bruce Wayne who’s fueled by vengeance. This is a far cry from the past iterations where Batman was portrayed as a superhero who already has several years of experience.

Other famous stars included in this blockbuster include Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as the Riddler and Andy Serkis as Bruce Wayne’s trusty butler, Alfred.

The Lost City – April 15

It’s always nice to see movies try fresh ideas and The Lost City is a great example of this. In this romantic, comedy and action movie, a famous author (Sandra Bullock) is kidnapped by a villain (Daniel Radcliffe). 

Throughout the author’s stories, she has always imagined the protagonist as a brood and strong character. However, when he meets the real-life counterpart of her fictional protagonist (Channing Tatum) she soon realises that he isn’t as heroic as she originally thought.

With an all-star cast like this and an exciting and new premise, we can’t wait until this movie hits theatres on April 15!

Morbius – April 1

Aside from Marvel Studios, Sony is also building up its own cinematic universe using a plethora of Spider-Man villains. After 2 positively received Venom movies, the next character that will grace the big screen is Morbius, a vampire with superhuman strength.

The titular character will be played by Jared Leto who has shown promise during the trailer premiere for the movie last year, 2021. Speaking of the trailer, the compilation of clips used to create it was filled with clues about what would happen in the movie itself.

One of the things that fans can’t seem to agree upon is which universe is Morbius set in. This is a tricky question to answer as the trailer throws several curveballs to the audience. Firstly, Michael Keaton’s vulture can be seen who was last seen in the MCU in Spider-Man: Homecoming. 

Then, a painting of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man can be briefly seen in the background in one of the clips. Lastly, the Oscorp building which was prominent in the Amazing Spider-Man movies was also shown in various shots.

Hopefully, this question will be answered soon when more trailers get released and when the movie eventually hits theatres on April 1. 

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – April 8

After a widely successful first movie, the people behind the Sonic the Hedgehog movie are set to grace the big screen with its sequel. This time, Sonic won’t be alone as his famous friends are also in this movie including Tails and Knuckles.

Although Knuckles (Idris Elba) is shown in trailers as the villain, we believe that he’ll turn into a good guy by the end of the movie. As for Sonic, he’ll still be voiced by the ever so charming Ben Schwartz and James Marsden is set to return. Moreover, Jim Carrey, who did a great job in the first film will also reprise his role as Dr Robotnik this time, in a more game-accurate look.

Although we don’t know that much about the story yet, we still think that this is going to be a great movie not just for kids but also for those who grew up playing the Sonic games. 

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – May 6

After making a huge splash in last year’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, Dr Strange is set to return for his solo film this year in the Multiverse of Madness. The movie takes place right after the events of No Way Home and with the Multiverse already opened, things take a turn for the worst.

In the released trailer, one of the things that immediately grabbed our attention was the beautiful visuals that show the different spells and dimensions in the movie. Moreover, the film is expected to have tons of cameos but Marvel has yet to release a statement regarding them. Some of the most famous predictions that fans had were Tom Cruise would take the role of a variant of Iron Man and Patrick Stewart would reprise his role as Professor X.

If these theories were remotely true, then we might be seeing the X-Men finally make their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Don’t miss these blockbusters!

Now that you’ve seen some of the best movies that 2022 has to offer, make sure not to miss them! These movies won’t disappoint and they’re worth your time and money. If you want more on the latest entertainment news, feel free to explore our site here at Ovasabi.

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