Russia’s isolation plans worsen as Ukraine fighting back

The Russian and Ukrainian war has caused tremendous chaos amidst world peace and the efforts of stopping them have been intensified since. There are currently a lot of problems with the current situation, and it looks like Ukraine is fighting back despite being outnumbered. 

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Ukrainian authorities fending off Russian forces

It is far too soon to tell if the crisis in Ukraine will lead to any serious long-term problems with regard to trade or natural gas shipments. 

But should relations between Russia and the West become more and more strained, there’s a chance that gas shortages may occur and consumers could see their energy bills go up when the war continues. 

As talks of a ceasefire have been circulating around the world, Putin is faced with tremendous pressure of pushing through with Russian agendas or calling off the attacks to head back to Russia instead.

There has not been a lot of talks about it and fending off the forces is still at the helm of priorities set by Ukrainian officials to save the people and their sovereignty. 

The United States sanction 

The United States and its allies are going to impose strict sanctions that will either freeze Russia’s assets or burn bridges and let the Russian government know which side is its own. 

These sanctions are made in the hopes to provide the Ukrainian government with some time to formulate a plan to thwart Russian operatives out of the country. It’s hard to say what will happen next in the Ukraine crisis. 

Perhaps Putin will be satisfied with the outcomes, or maybe he will demand more sanctions on Russia to get his money back. But one thing’s for certain: President Biden and company have been planning this as a long-term strategy and it appears that Putin is not going to be able to benefit from his bank-rolling if his goals align with the Ukrainian government. 

United Nations Diplomats walkout during Russian foreign minister speech

While it’s impossible to know what was going through the minds of all of those who walked out, it seems apparent that at least parts of the world aren’t happy with Russia’s aggression with Ukraine. 

The boycott might be a small protest, but it could cause a significant problem for Russia in the future—the reason being that the Human Rights Council is supposed to be an impartial organization dedicated to protecting human rights all over the world. 

Russia’s invasion of Crimea is in direct violation of this, and could potentially be evidence that they have committed war crimes according to international law. Of course, many will try to spin this, but it’s tough to argue against clear photographic evidence, and every day more and more evidence leaks about Russian atrocities in Crimea.

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