Top news sites you can rely on for facts

There are way too many news sites out there that have been falsely reporting information to a lot of people. This just goes to show that we need to find news outlets that we can trust all the time. After all, news is a powerful weapon that can lead to a much better future or disaster.

News sites can be tricky, and some can prove to be a problem that most people would not want to read since they just peddle fake news and just more problems for them in the long run. Fake news can be a huge disaster if you don’t know which are the ones that you can trust.

Ovasabi is here to list down the top news sites that you can rely on for facts:

1. The New York Times

The NYT stands as one of the biggest bastions of strong influence in the world. It has an editorial page that leans on the left-wing – a more progressive view of the world. The NYT also hews to the top standard of reporting and the classic elements of journalism. This is what makes the NYT stay one of the agenda-setting news organizations in America.

2. The Wall Street Journal

The WSJ started out as a newspaper in the United States before making a huge expansion. It is the largest newspaper company in the country and has led the way in writing new types of feature writing in American journalism. The news site has emerged to cover more general news aside from business and has an established reputation among many publications.

3. The Washington Post

The Washington Post is known for its work in taking down former President Richard Nixon with its detailed report on the Watergate scandal in the early 1970s. They still have an intellectual and robust tradition under the new ownership of Jeff Bezos. 

4. BBC

BBC serves as the standard-bearer in terms of excellence in broadcast journalism. There are a lot of US cable news outlets but a few follow BBC’s recipe. The site has strong creative energy in its reports and has proven to be one of the most reliable news outlets thanks to its strong reach all over the world.

5. The Economist

The Economist is a British export and is a magazine staffed well with the best economists and journalists who work on tight edits on a weekly basis. The site is known for its oddity where they practice a tradition where it doesn’t publish bylines of their writers so you never know who exactly wrote a given piece.

6. The New Yorker

The New Yorker is seen as an American treasure and posts a lot of sophisticated narrative non-fiction pieces from top writers and reporters each week in a print magazine and, increasingly, on other platforms. It continues to expand well on its audience in terms of the web. They offer content to the masses which were only open to its print subscribers back then.

7. Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs is more of a bi-monthly magazine that is published by the Council on Foreign Relations. They have a serious magazine for people who are looking for intelligence on certain global affairs. The magazine has its digital platform benefits, such as submissions, dialogue, differing views and analysis from the many top minds on international relations.

8. The Atlantic

The Atlantic is known to be a monthly magazine that presents a view from Washington D.C. It has many top journalists who are good at writing long articles. The site mostly features clickable headlines and is known to be a symbol of fact-based reporting just like Ovasabi.

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